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Our products are Made in Italy, Natural & Organic

Unlimited sessions in 60 days for just $789! See visible results in 60 days*!
*Individual results may vary.

Step 1: Repair & Reverse (Choose one per session)

Give your scalp & hair a fresh start by reversing and repairing any damages accumulated over time, before nourishing and revitalizing it.

➡ Scalp Spa
➡ Scalp Mask

Scalp Spa

Step 2: Boost & Growth (Choose one per session)

After the foundation has been refreshed, stimulate and boost circulation to your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

➡ Biolight Therapy
➡ Hi-Frequency Treatment
➡ Ozone Therapy


- 60 days valid from date of purchase
- Each session average between 45-60 mins
- T&Cs apply

Offer valid til 30th June 2019!

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